Study Finds MicroPower Guard Dramatically Reduces Risk of Influenza Infection

MicroPower Guard

Engineering, Inc.* researchers set out to measure the potential exposure benefits of whole house high-efficiency in-duct air cleaners for sensitive subpopulations such as those who have asthma or severe allergies.  The results indicated that the use of high-efficiency in-duct air cleaners provides an effective means of controlling allergen levels not only in a single room, like a portable air cleaner but the whole house.

The National Environmental Education and Training Foundation recommends the use of portable air cleaners in bedrooms of asthmatics.  While the use of portable air cleaners in the bedroom did prove to be beneficial in the study, the researchers found that in reality, the use of high-efficiency in-duct air cleaners provides a more effective means of controlling allergen levels and the influenza virus not only in a single room but the whole house.

Perhaps the most interesting result from the study involves the estimation of the risk of influenza infection from an individual who remains in the home over the course of a five-day infectious period with someone who currently has the illness.  Since influenza can trigger asthma, the researchers were interested in the effect of high-efficiency filters on the transmission of the illness.

The study assumed that the infectious individual spent one-half of their time in the bedroom and the other half in the family room, while a healthy individual spent 69% of the corresponding time indoors at the home during which they were exposed to the house-wide average concentration of quanta in air.  For this scenario, the risk of infection by influenza was greater than 30% in the ventilation configuration with a portable air cleaner in both of the two rooms frequented by the infectious individual.  In comparison, the risk of infection was less than 4% for the high-efficiency in-duct system.

The “high-efficiency air cleaner” used in this study was a high-efficiency electrostatic air cleaner with HEPA-like removal efficiency for aerosols.  One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning has this product for your home as well as more options that add even more protection for the health of your indoor air.

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