Ask the Expert: Humid House Problem

Question: My house feels very humid and the drain line is dry. Is it likely clogged? The unit about 3 years old.

Answer: This has been an extremely humid summer and your situation is not unique. While a clogged drain may increase humidity levels in your home, it certainly wouldn’t be the #1 culprit.  Since you said it appears that your drain is clear, this probably isn’t the issue anyway.  Humidity enters the home whenever doors are opened, or wherever the smallest crack or crevice can be found. No opening is too small!

Many times we will find gaps underneath decks, around siding, windows….etc, where hot, sticky air is infiltrating your home. As far as removing humidity that is already in the home, depending on your system’s set-up, running your air conditioner in low speed to help dehumidify may or may not be an option.  Whole home dehumidifiers are our most popular product this time of year.  They are typically ducted into your system and can provide the most effective results.  We can send out a tech at no charge to speak to you more in detail about dehumidifying your home. Just give us a call anytime at 913-ONE-HOUR if you would like to schedule an appointment.