We’re All About Sealing Up Ductwork

In the video above we explain a very easy simple tip to seal the space around your furnace filter slot.

We want to deliver the airflow where it’s supposed to go and the furnace filter slot is a weak spot in every system that allows air to escape the filter and go directly to your furnace blower.

Why Is It A Problem That Some Air Escapes The Filter And Goes Directly To The Furnace Blower?

When air is not filtered, it allows all the dust, dirt, and allergens to go directly into your furnace blower and into your house.  This will make your furnace dirty and less efficient.  Your house will seem to have more dust, and dirt in your furnace creates many problems and will cause parts to wear faster and break more often.

Even More Important If Your Furnace Is Located In An Attic, Crawl Space, Woodshop, etc.

If your furnace is located in a dirty (woodshop, etc) or unconditioned space, the space around your furnace filter lets the air in that space escape the filter entirely and go directly to the furnace blower.  Your furnace will be pulling humid, dirty air directly into the blower compartment.  That is not a good thing at all. That’s why we recommend closing the space around your filter with something like the FilterLock by Allergy Zone.

We recommend the FilterLock Furnace Filter Slot Seal Door Cover to solve this pesky problem. See below for our affiliate link to the FilterLock Furnace Filter Slot Seal Door Cover.

It improves indoor air quality by blocking allergens, dust, and gases like carbon monoxide from entering your home.