Air Conditioner Not Cooling Enough: 2 Simple Checks To Do Yourself

Dirty Furnace Air Filters Can Cause the Air Conditioner to Not Cool Enough

The first thing to check if your air conditioner is running but not cooling enough is your air filter. The air filter is typically easy to access for most people. Pull out the filter and make sure that it is relatively clean. If a dirty air filter is causing the air conditioner to not cool well, you can see a mat of dust and dirt over the surface. Home centers sell filters that are pleated-type filters that are extremely restrictive to airflow. Your filter could turn into a piece of cardboard as far as airflow. A really restricted air filter cuts down the airflow to the air conditioner to the point where it affects how well it cools.

Trim Bushes and Branches Around Outdoor Unit To Not Block the Outdoor Unit From Expelling Heat

The second thing to check if your air conditioner is running but not cooling enough. is the outdoor unit. (The outdoor unit is called the condensing unit.) Look at the outdoor unit to see if there are overgrown bushes that are blocking the airflow out of the top of the unit. Make sure everything is trimmed back at least a couple of feet all around the air conditioner so you have a free flow of air.

Check For Dirt On Outdoor Coil

Another thing to check is to see if there is dirt on your outdoor coil. This can be a bit difficult to check as you typically need to look up through louvers to see the exposed aluminum coil on the inside. There are little fins on it you can clearly see. Dust, dirt and in our area, cottonwood seeds will completely impact the coil which cuts down the airflow.

Pro tip: You can wash the outdoor coil, but it needs to be carefully washed from the inside out. It is very easy to damage the outdoor unit if it is not cleaned properly.

Dirt and airflow restriction are the main reasons why your air conditioner is not cooling enough. Therefore, if you don’t see a problem with the filter or the outdoor coil, contact the professionals.