How does duct cleaning work? What is the full duct cleaning service process? How is professional duct cleaning service different than DIY Duct Cleaning? How do you spot a duct cleaning scam? These are good questions that we set out to answer in this video with Ben from One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning.

Duct cleaning scams are everywhere so we teach you how to spot the difference between a professional duct cleaning that does wonders for your indoor air quality and scams from fly by night companies that are here today and gone tomorrow.

Professional duct cleaning service protects your HVAC system, cuts down on dust and allergens, and improves the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system. Professional duct cleaning is done by a crew of at least two people and takes at least a half a day or a full day depending on the size of your home. Ben encourages you to take before and after pictures of your ductwork so you can see the difference after a professional duct cleaning.

In the video below, we also discussed the advantages of Duct Sealing with Aeroseal.