Why be an HVAC Technician? After 40 Years as an HVAC Technician, Ramon shares 2 specific reasons why he loves being an HVAC Technician. He also shares his favorite type of service call.

Reason Number 1 Why Being an HVAC Technician Is Awesome:

It is a very technical trade. You have to be a mini-plumber and a mini-electrician all rolled into one. Ramon said that even after 40 years as a technician, he still ran into a particular issue with an air conditioner that he had never seen before in the last month. It is a challenge even for a technical, fix-it kind of a person and Ramon loves the challenge that comes with being an HVAC Technician.

Reason Number 2 Why Being an HVAC Technician Is Awesome:

You are helping people with a problem. Let’s face it. If you, an HVAC Technician are in someone’s home, it is probably not a great day for them. They just want the problem with their heating or cooling to go away and get back to normal. You have a genuine opportunity to help them and improve their day. Ramon tells a story of fixing an air conditioner for a family who was expecting a house full of people for their daughter’s wedding! Talk about saving the day! This is Ramon’s favorite reason when he’s asked: “Why be an HVAC Technician?”

If you are interested in becoming an HVAC Technician we encourage you to contact us. We have ride-along opportunities as well as Apprenticeships!