Is a Zone Control System a Good Investment?

For many homeowners, a zone control system turns out to be a great way in which to both heat and cool their homes more efficiently and effectively. If you use a forced air HVAC system, such as a central AC and a furnace, then zone control is certainly well worth your consideration. Read on to learn more about how these systems work, and how you can reap the full benefits of a zone control system in Miami, FL.

How It Works, and How It Benefits You

The idea behind the use of a zone control system is to put your HVAC system to use in a more controlled manner. It gets quite hot in this part of the country, obviously, so we’re sure that you are running your air conditioner quite heavily. However, especially for those in larger homes, cooling the whole house to one temperature throughout may not be ideal. When you use a zone control system, you will no longer have to do so.

Zone control systems comprise multiple thermostats, a central control panel, and electronic dampers. The dampers are installed strategically throughout your ductwork, and the thermostats are installed throughout the house, one in each “zone.” The dampers and the thermostats are wired into the control panel. When you adjust the temperature at any single thermostat, the corresponding dampers will adjust as needed to achieve and maintain that temperature.

Not only does this help to cut back on your energy usage, but it also allows everyone in your home to live more comfortably. After all, not everyone is going to be comfortable at the same temperature. When you let us install and service your zone control system, you can count on that system performing precisely as intended, for improved comfort and efficiency throughout the year.

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