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Ductwork Installation

Let Our Team Install the Perfect Ductwork System for Your Home

Having the right ductwork installed in your home is just as important as selecting proper air conditioning and heating units. Even if you choose the perfect HVAC units for your house, they could fail to work properly without the right ductwork.

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, our team of HVAC ductwork installation pros know how important good airflow is. We’ll come to your home, examine its unique features, and design and install a ductwork system to enable your HVAC system to work efficiently. Your new HVAC system is an investment, so it deserves the expert service our team provides.

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Ductwork Installation: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

As mentioned above, picking the right AC and heating units for your home is only half of making sure your HVAC system works properly. Your home needs ductwork that works with your units. Having improper ductwork restricts airflow and forces your units to use more energy to compensate, lowering their lifespan over time. Proper ductwork installation provides adequate airflow without forcing HVAC units to work harder than they need to.

Common factors ductwork installers will consider include:

  • The distance from an outlet to the unit
  • Sharp turns
  • Adequate insulation near and around ductwork
  • Proper returns to allow for accurate temperature control
  • Proper sealing to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system

Improperly sealed ductwork causes warmed or cooled air to escape. Some estimates place the amount of money lost to this at 30 cents of every dollar spent on energy in an American home. Annually, this amounts to approximately $25 billion in energy losses across the nation. Hiring a company that seals ductwork correctly, just as One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating does, is crucial to comfort and affordability!

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When you call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, we’ll show up on time because we value your time. We’ll then assess your home, consider your needs and preferences, and develop a ductwork plan designed to work with your units. All work done by One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating is backed by a UWIN guarantee. Best of all, our locations are independently owned and operated, so you’ll have a local expert who is familiar with your area handling your ductwork installation.

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