We’re moving into the winter season, and temperatures are cooling off. Now, we’re certainly not going to be seeing the snow and freezing temperatures that those in other parts of the country have to worry about. With temperatures dipping into the sixties and occasionally into the fifties at night, however, it can get too chilly for comfort.

Geothermal diagram

Mild as winter may be, a good heating system is still an important part of any home in our area. That doesn’t mean that you need to have an entirely separate heating system, though. You can enjoy reliable, efficient comfort all year long when you use a geothermal heating and cooling system in Miami, FL.

Transfer Heat in Both Directions

Air-source heat pumps evaporate refrigerant in order to transfer heat to or from the air outside, out of or into your home. A geothermal heat pump, or ground-source heat pump, works in much the same way. Rather than transfer heat with the air outside, though, geothermal systems do so with the ground.

In areas where it gets very cold, this is a huge benefit. There is simply a more reliable supply of heat in the ground than there is in freezing air. That is not really a concern in our area, but geothermal is still a great option for efficiency. Even if our air isn’t freezing cold, there are still wide temperature variations that you just don’t see a few feet underground.

During the summer, when transferring heat out of your home, it is also more efficient to sink heat into the ground than to disperse it into the air outside. Why? Because our summer temperatures are very extreme, and heat will naturally move toward cooler environments. It is easier for the system to sink heat into the ground than to send it into air that is already very hot.

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