AC Repairs: 3 Signs of Trouble

If you didn’t like the hot weather of the summer season, you probably would not be living here in Florida. After all, the weather here for much of the year feels like the summer season in many other parts of the country. No matter how much you love the heat, though, the fact is that it is a lot easier to enjoy that heat knowing that you have a cool, comfortable home to return to at the end of the day.

Outdoor AC Unit

The problem is that, while there are many great systems from trusted manufacturers on the market today, there is no such thing as a 100% reliable air conditioner. All air conditioners are going to encounter operational problems from time to time, and this is certainly in true in areas like ours where our air conditioners work so hard for so much of the year. Nip the problems in the bud, and schedule prompt air conditioning repairs in Miami, FL.

Is Your System Costing More and More to Run?

Because we deal with so much hot weather in this part of the country, we can wind up paying a rather substantial fee in order to keep our homes cool and comfortable during the summer season. That being said, using your AC so much also means that you probably have a good idea of just how much it generally costs to cool your home. Should you see a major spike in these costs without explanation, as you continue to run your system as usual, then there could be a problem in need of repair that is dragging down its energy efficiency.

Is Your System Getting Louder and Louder?

Depending upon where your outdoor unit is situation outside, you may hear the compressor kick on when AC is called for. You may hear the sound of air being forced through the ductwork that distributes it throughout the house with the help of the air handler/fan. What you should not hear, though, are strange new sounds like banging, clanging, screeching, or hissing. There could be a loose component in the system, worn belts, or even refrigerant leaks that are gurgling away. Any unusually loud — or just plain unusual — sounds should be investigated promptly.

Is Your System Blowing Warm Air?

Aside from a complete system breakdown, the blowing of warm air throughout the house is probably the clearest sign that something is wrong with your air conditioning system. As is the case with any AC problem, there could be a few causes of this issue. Maybe you have a leaky duct that is pulling hot air into the system. Maybe there’s just a tripped breaker that caused your outdoor unit to quit, while leaving the fan to distribute warm air throughout the house. Of course, you could also have a more serious issue, like refrigerant leaks, to deal with.

Your comfort is too important to take any risks with. Remember, problems with your air conditioner are only going to get worse the longer that you ignore them.

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