How Does Ductless Heating Work?

Chances are that you don’t think about your heating system quite as much as you do your air conditioner. Living in this part of the country obviously means that your heater plays a much smaller role than your AC. It is for precisely this reason that a ductless mini split heating system in Miami, FL makes so much sense.

A ductless mini split heating system offers homeowners some unique benefits that other systems cannot. Just remember that a professional ductless heating installation and quality maintenance services are necessary if you hope to get the most from your system. Review the following information, and let us know if you’re ready to take ducts out of the equation.

Transferring Heat vs. Generating Heat

A ductless heating system is a heat pump. This means that your ductless heater is not going to burn fuel or consume electricity in order to generate new heat. Instead, it uses the evaporation of refrigerant to draw existing heat out of the air outside. That refrigerant is compressed, and it is condensed at the blowers in the house in order to release its heat. This is extremely efficient, and the process is ideal for our mild winters.

Other Benefits of Ductless Heating

Using the heat transfer process allows for great energy efficiency, but it’s not the only benefit that you’ll get when you use a ductless heat pump. You can take advantage of the following benefits, as well.

  1. Independent blowers mean that you don’t have to heat your entire house to one set temperature throughout. Zone control is inherently a part of the ductless system design, further boost energy efficiency. Plus, there’s no risk of leaky ductwork, because there’re no ducts!
  2. Indoor air quality is protected as well. Duct leaks don’t only let air out of the system. They can also let pollutants into the system, and they can spread throughout your house.
  3. Versatility is a major selling point of any heat pump. This includes the ductless mini split. You can use the very same equipment to cool your home all summer long.

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