Your Air Conditioner Needs a Fresh Air Filter!

If you have visited this blog before, or just explored the pages of this site, then you no doubt realize that we are big proponents of routine HVAC maintenance services. With summer really getting underway, we hope that you have had your AC tuned up already this year. If not, remember that a little late is definitely better than never. Simply put, routine air conditioning maintenance in Miami, FL is the best way in which to keep your air conditioner functioning properly.

Close up of filter

Now, the fact of the matter is that air conditioning maintenance is a complex service that demands the skill and expertise that only trained professionals can offer. That being said, there is actually one task that you can handle on your own, and it is one that can have a hugely beneficial impact on your AC system. The task in question is simply changing your air filter as needed.

What Problems Does a Dirty Filter Cause?

A surprising amount, for homeowners that are not in the know. The simplicity of changing an air filter should not lead you to believe that changing it is not really that important. In fact, failing to do so as needed can lead to issues that are much, much more difficult to deal with than changing the filter in the first place.

  1. Inefficiency. When you cool your home with your AC, you really do not want to drain your budget in order to do so. We run our air conditioners way too much in this part of the country to put up with subpar energy efficiency. Because a dirty air filter is going to create more airflow resistance than would otherwise occur in the system, though, even the most efficient ACs on the market will falter in terms of efficiency with a dirty filter in place.
  2. Short Cycling. What is short cycling? It is a condition in which your air conditioner starts up, but runs only briefly before shutting back down. This is either because the dirty air filter has caused enough airflow resistance to overheat the system, or because the coil is frozen due to insufficient airflow, insulating it. In either event, you are dealing with excessive wear and tear to your system and reduced comfort levels that could have easily been avoided.
  3. Poor Indoor Air Quality. When you think of your air conditioner, you probably don’t think of anything but temperature. If you have a dirty filter in your AC though, it’s not just your comfort that will suffer. Your air quality can as well. In fact, there can be such great airflow resistance in the system that it will force unfiltered air around the filter, introducing pollutants into the air that you breathe throughout your home.

Typically, you’ll need to change your air filter every 1-3 months. When purchasing replacement filters, be sure to find ones that are compatible with your air conditioner. If you have any questions about filter selection or actually swapping out the filter, just let us know.

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