Miami is an incredibly hot place to be for much of the year, and the air conditioners in our homes are among the most important systems that we have at our disposals. Considering how much we rely on our air conditioners, it only makes sense to invest in systems that are going to meet our demands in every facet of operation. That is why using a central air conditioner in Miami, FL is such a good idea.

Window unit air conditioners have their uses, but if you’re trying to cool an entire home they are really not a good solution. Central air conditioners have much more to offer in such situations, and they are well worth the investment. If you’re ready to invest in a central AC for your new home, or you need an existing system replaced, schedule service with our team.

Why Choose a Central Air Conditioner

There are a few reasons why some homeowners choose to use window unit air conditioners. They think that they are more affordable, for instance, or that they’re more convenient because they can be installed by the homeowner his or herself. This is very, very short term thinking though.

  • Efficiency – There are a lot of very efficient window unit air conditioners on the market today. If you are trying to cool an entire house, rather than, say, a dorm room or a studio apartment, though, then you should opt for a central air conditioner. They are going to be more efficient in cooling an entire house, and the energy savings will help to offset the admittedly larger investment.
  • Performance – If you are trying to cool an entire house with a single window unit, you are going to have a hard time in doing so. Maybe you’ll invest in a few window units to help along the process. That can result in uneven temperatures, though. With a whole house air conditioner, the entire home will be cooled evenly and effectively.
  • Security and Convenience – Saving energy and living more comfortably are not the only reasons to invest in a central air conditioner. Leaving window units installed leaves your home unsecured, particularly if they are installed on a ground level. Plus, lugging your window units in and out of storage every time the cooling season starts, and removing them when it ends, is pretty far from a convenient cooling experience.

The professional technicians on our staff will make sure that your investment in a central air conditioning system is a wise one. We will help you to decide upon the right system for your budget and needs. We will determine the cooling load that your system will need to handle for optimal efficiency and comfort levels. We also offer the routine maintenance services and quality repairs that you will need to continue enjoying the best performance from your system for as long as possible.

When you are ready to schedule central AC servicesOne Hour Air Conditioning & Heating® of Miami is the company that you can always trust to do the job right.