Why Use a UV Air Purifier?

Homeowners in certain areas of the country get to ease into the summer season. This is not really the case around here. It is generally pretty warm for most of the year, and summer comes in fast and hot. This is why having a great air conditioner installed in your home is so important. Equally important, though, is ensuring that you have great indoor air quality in your living space. With the summer heat comes increased humidity, and that can complicate matters of indoor air quality.

Not only does increased humidity makes the air feel heavier and hotter than usual, but it also fosters the growth of biological pollutants. These may include viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. If you want to prevent the proliferation of such pollutants in your home, you should consider the use of a UV air purifier in Miami, FL.

The Trouble with Biological Pollutants

I don’t need another air purifier, you may be thinking. I already have air filters and an electronic air purifier in a place. That may be true, and your indoor air quality is doubtless better off for it. However, the fact is that a multi-pronged approach to protecting indoor air quality tends to be the best course of action. Biological pollutants, in particular, require a more specialized solution.

Unlike, say, the dust and dirt that is trapped by your air filters/electronic air cleaners, viruses and mold spores are living microorganisms. This means that they can actually reproduce. Not only are these pollutants generally too small for most residential filtration systems to remove from the air, but their ability to reproduce also means that simply removing them from the air really is not enough to eliminate the problem entirely.

So what is the solution?

Pollutant Destruction

That’s right. If you cannot simply remove these pollutants from the air in your home, then you are left with just one option — destroy them. That is where systems such as UV, or ultraviolet, air purifiers come into play. In reality, the phrase “pollutant destruction,” while accurate, is a bit melodramatic for the relatively simple manner in which these systems work.

UV germicidal lights are installed in your HVAC system’s ductwork, typically right near the air handler. This positioning helps to ensure that all of the air passing through the system is treated. The lamps emit UV rays, and this ultraviolet radiation disrupts biological pollutants at a cellular level. They are either killed outright or altered so as to eliminate their ability to reproduce. These lamps are completely confined to the ductwork and pose absolutely no threat to any pets or individuals in the house.

Just remember that these systems will not do anything about other pollutants, like dust and dirt. That is why they should be used in conjunction with, but not as a replacement for, more basic air filtration equipment. When properly designed by our professionals, your IAQ system will guarantee that all of your bases are covered.

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