Help! My AC Is Short Cycling!

Having a dependable air conditioner that you can really believe in is pretty much a necessity in this part of the country. Being as that is the case, it goes without saying that a subpar performance from your air conditioner really cannot be tolerated. Remember, there is no such thing as a “minor” problem with your system. Any and all air conditioning issues should be taken seriously. When you notice any signs of trouble, be sure to schedule prompt AC repair in Pinecrest, FL.

Your air conditioner doesn’t have to break down entirely before you schedule service, nor should it. Instead, make the smart decision and have your air conditioner put back on track before serious damage can be done. One sign of problems with your air conditioner is short cycling. Like most other air conditioning issues, there are a few reasons why you may encounter short cycling with your home cooling system. Whatever the case, we’ll diagnose the problem accurately.

What Is Short Cycling?

When an air conditioner is sized properly for a home and functioning properly, it is going to run in well-timed cooling cycles. This gives the system the time that it needs to cool the air effectively. Short cycling is when, for any number of reasons, the air conditioner runs in cycles that are shorter than they should be. The system will start up, run briefly, and then cycle back down. Because it didn’t have time to do its job successfully, it will then cycle back on and start the cooling process again.

Why Is This a Problem?

There are a few reasons why short cycling is such a problem. First of all, it is simply going to result in a subpar cooling experience. Our weather around here is too hot for too much of the year to take any chances with the overall operational quality of our air conditioners.

Secondly, there is the matter of dehumidification. While an air conditioner is not designed to dehumidify air throughout your home to the extent that a designated dehumidifier will, it does dehumidify the air as a byproduct of the cooling cycle. If your system is running in short bursts, then the air in your home may feel more humid.

Plus, starting and stopping so much wastes energy. It costs more to start a system up than to keep it running, so short cycling can really wind up wasting you a considerable amount of money. Plus the system is put at an increased risk of suffering damages. That can cost you even more money when repairs are necessary.

What Causes It?

Well, there are a few possibilities. A very dirty air filter could be the cause of the problem, as it creates so much airflow resistance that the system just shuts down rather than combat it. You could also have a refrigerant leak, or issues with a component like your thermostat or run capacitor. Whatever the case, most of these problems will require professional services to resolve.

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