Why Are My Cooling Bills So High?

Living in Florida obviously means that you have to have a great air conditioner installed in your home. You need more than for your air conditioner to just work effectively, though. You also need this system to work as efficiently as possible. The last thing that you want to do is drain your budget just because you have no choice but to run a system that costs too much to cool your home. So why are your cooling bills so high?

There are a number of different reasons why your cooling bills may be excessive. Some of the issues that can cause this problem will require professional AC repair in Miami, FL. Others can be resolved with a simple component upgrade, or even a basic task that you can handle on your own! In today’s post, we’ll cover some of the more common causes of high AC bills, as well as what can be done to reign those costs in to a more manageable level. 

Poor Home Performance

In many cases, the very same air conditioner that is costing too much to cool a home is actually working just fine itself. It is the home that is failing to live up to its part of the bargain. What do we mean when we talk about a subpar “home performance”?

You need to look at your home itself as a type of system. If your home has insufficient insulation, a lot of air leaks in its thermal envelope, or if the ductwork that it uses to spread conditioned air throughout itself is compromised, then you are going to wind up paying more than you should have to in order to cool your home.

Outdated Equipment

Yes, replacing the entire air conditioner with a more efficient model is obviously going to result in a more efficient overall cooling performance. Not everyone has the money just waiting around for that type of project, though. A new system is a major investment, but a major overhaul may not actually be necessary in order to boost energy efficiency.

One of the simplest but most effective, in terms of efficiency, upgrades to make is simply replacing an old, outdated thermostat. If you are using a manual thermostat, like a round dial or a slide thermostat, to control your system, updating it with a compatible digital or programmable model can really help you to cool your home with greater energy efficiency.

Poor Maintenance Practices

Look, we know that we bring routine air conditioning maintenance up a lot. There is a good reason for this, though. When it comes to getting the best performance possible from your home cooling system, nothing is as effective as routine maintenance!

If you don’t schedule routine air conditioning tune-ups each year, the wear and tear on that system is going to drag down overall energy efficiency. Not only that, but your system will likely require professional AC repairs more frequently, as relatively minor issues are given the opportunity to really take a toll.

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