Problems Caused by Damaged Air Ducts

There’s a very good chance that you use a central air conditioner, or perhaps a heat pump, in your home to keep it cool and comfortable. Many homes may have furnaces installed in them, as well, though these are obviously used far less frequently than our air conditioners in Florida. What all of these forced air systems share in common is the fact that they use air ducts in order to distribute conditioned air throughout the house.

Another commonality among such systems and the homes housing them is the fact that problems with those air ducts can have serious consequences. That is why having any damaged ductwork in Miami, FL sealed and/or repaired as soon as possible is always for the best. Are you uncertain of whether or not your air ducts are in great working condition? Here are a few problems to keep your eyes out for. If you notice them in your home, then it is time to call in our duct service technicians. 

Hissing Sounds

This may seem like little more than a minor annoyance, but remember that a hissing sound coming from your ductwork can indicate a poor seal or other damages. Because there are so many other issues that go hand in hand with this relatively benign one, having the hissing ducts sealed immediately can help you out in a number of ways. Our duct sealing technicians have the tools and training necessary to keep your ducts tight.

Uneven Cooling/Heating

When you run your central air conditioner, you should be able to keep your entire home cool and comfortable in an even fashion. That is the whole point of using a whole-house cooling system, right? Whether cooling your home in the hot summer or warming it up on the occasional chilly night, hot or cold spots in the house are a sign of trouble. It could be an issue with air leaks in the building envelope or with subpar insulation in those areas. If it is a new development, though, you may be dealing with damaged ductwork.

Plummeting Indoor Air Quality

When you have air ducts that are damaged, poorly sealed, or otherwise compromised, it is not just the air getting out that you have to worry about. It is also the pollutants that make their way into the system, where they can be distributed throughout the house. If you notice that your indoor air quality is dropping, resulting in higher concentrations of airborne pollutants, aggravated allergy symptoms, etc., then you may have faulty air ducts to blame.

Increased Energy Costs

Obviously, the more that you run your HVAC systems, the more you are going to pay to do so. However, if you notice that your energy/fuel bills are higher than usual, but you have not been using your system any different than normal, then you may be wasting energy through compromised ductwork. Sealing, repairing, or replacing your air ducts may be necessary to help you get your energy costs back under control.

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