HVAC Trends to Look for in 2019

Consistent HVAC service is an important staple of any residential area. This is especially true in warm areas that may need service all year. Services may include installing a new air conditioning unit, cleaning air ducts, and general repairs and maintenance on older air conditioners. While these fundamental services do not change much, there are some new developments to look for in 2019. Many of these changes revolve around the emergence of green technology and making HVAC systems more efficient and friendly to the environment, which can also save money for consumers through energy conservation. Many businesses and government agencies have made a commitment to both consumers and the environment through finding better methods of efficiency which will be reflected in lower utility bills.

Duct Wrapping

The possibility of using duct wrapping made of recycled materials is an environmentally friendly measure that utilizes older fabrics to insulate air ducts to avoid changes in temperature. More consistent temperature within the ducts means that an air conditioner does not have to work harder to compensate from temperature changes that occur during travel through the air.

Thermally Driven Air Conditioning Units

These air conditioners can supplement their energy needs with either solar energy or natural gas to become more energy efficient than traditional units that only run on electric and can cause high utility bills and utilize large amounts of energy.

Thermostats That Can Learn

There are some thermostats that can now adjust temperature based on times of day, certain rooms that need temperature changes, and other factors that can result in less energy use and (ultimately) savings on your utility bills. Over time, these thermostats will learn your preferences based on past adjustments you have made and replicate them.

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