Top 5 HVAC Maintenance Tips

Air conditioning units cost homeowners roughly $29 billion a year, but regular maintenance can help mitigate these costs, especially in a climate as hot as Florida. In order to keep your air conditioner and other HVAC systems running smoothly all year-round and avoid the risks associated with a system failure, here are a few tips to follow.

Dirty AC Vent

1. Download a Free HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Before tackling HVAC maintenance alone, it’s a good idea to access a free checklist. This is a great place to start regarding A/C tuneups and even A/C repair, as it will provide you with a detailed list of everything that should be working and other tips that you might not have thought of, such as lubricating all of the parts to avoid friction and checking thermostats for the correct time, date and temperature settings.

2. Change Your Filters

If this isn’t on the checklist, then you’ll want to be sure to add it. This is one tip that even the Environmental Protection Agency recommends, as they note that it is the most important maintenance task to accomplish in order to preserve the efficiency of your entire HVAC system. Aside from ensuring the filters won’t get clogged and lead to problems, replacing filters ensure that the air circulating in your home will be clean. Clogged, dirty air filters lead to higher energy expenses, the need for duct cleaning, and can even cause harm to your family’s health.

3. Clean the A/C Unit

After AC installation is complete, most people seem to forget that debris can build up around the actual unit itself and lead to decreased efficiency, reduced airflow, and even a decrease in the system’s overall capacity. Make an effort to clean the air conditioning unit, both outside and inside of your home, with special attention to reducing buildup from leaves and grass clippings. To do this, turn your A/C unit off and hose it down with water while being sure to pay special attention to the coil, too. This brings us to our next point.

4. Avoid Dirty Condenser Coils

Cooling efficiency can drop by more than 30% when your A/C unit has dirty condenser coils. If you’re not regularly cleaning the coils as part of your at-home A/C tuneup routine, then you’ll notice that your home isn’t cooling as quickly or efficiently as before. To clean those coils, simply purchase a quality coil cleaner from your local home improvement store, mix it according to the instructions, spray it on, let it foam for about five minutes and then wash it all off with a hose.

5. Schedule Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

While there are many ways to personally maintain an A/C unit at home, sometimes it’s best to let a professional handle all of the work. Not only are HVAC professionals trained to look for things you might not, scheduling a seasonal visit will ensure you don’t forget to tend to your home’s HVAC system. Even though you might not be cooling your home too much in the winter, seasonal maintenance and checkups can help ensure it stays in great shape for when spring and summer roll around.

To schedule your A/C tune-up and ask about scheduled checkups, contact us today to speak with a One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating® of Miami technician who’s professionally trained in the needs of HVAC systems in Florida.