It’s summer and the heat is on! Our air conditioners work hard each day to keep our homes cool and comfortable. It’s important to keep them running smoothly for optimal cooling efficiency and to extend the life of you AC unit. Here are some helpful ac unit efficiency tips.

  1. Inspect your ductwork. If you can see any visible leaks, that means your air conditioner is working overtime. Another key indicator that there could be leaks in your ductwork is if certain rooms do not cool down or you have spotty cooling coverage. Consult with an HVAC technician to repair any faulty ductwork in your system.
  2. Remove debris from around the unit. Leaves, twigs, tall grass, soil, and other debris could be blocking the unit’s exhaust and intake panels, causing it to run inefficiently. Clear away as much as you’re able but do not try to disassemble the unit—that should be left up to a professional to handle.
  3. Opt for a programmable thermostat. This allows your home to change to preset optimal temperature settings according to the time of day. WiFi thermostats are especially handy when you’re out of the house or away on vacation. One Hour Air is happy to assist you with finding the best programmable thermostat option for you. [LINK to thermostat page]
  4. Keep your air ducts and vents clean. This is especially important because not only can air flow become blocked by dust and other debris, you are also going to be breathing in that dusty air! Schedule a duct cleaning with One Hour Air today. [LINK to duct cleaning or related link]
  5. Refrain from using the oven on hot days. Using the oven only increases the temperature, making your air conditioner work even harder. Try grilling instead!
  6. Inspect your ac unit. Take a look at your compressor unit outside to look for any leaks, weird noises, or ice. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, call an experienced technician right away for expert air conditioner service.
  7. Keep blinds and curtains closed. This helps stop air leaks in windows and also blocks the heat coming from sunlight.

Air Conditioner Repair Services Near You

Still experiencing issues with your air conditioner efficiency? Do not try to DIY this one! Contact the professionals at One Hour for convenient air conditioner services. We’re available 24/7 to assist you and can get your air conditioning restored in no time!