Dryer Vent Cleaning 101

full dryer vent

You may not see it, but there could be a potential danger lying right in your dryer. Sure, you clean the lint filter after each load, but are you certain that it’s enough? Is your dryer taking too long to finish its cycle?

The fact is, over time, lint and other debris can build up in other areas of your dryer and can become a potential fire hazard. We’ll go over some basic cleaning tips to ensure your dryer is free of residual lint.

How to Clean Dryer Vents

Here are some basic cleaning tips to rid your dryer of hazardous lint and to keep it running smoothly for many years to come.

  • Before you do any cleaning, make sure your dryer unit is cool as you do not want to clean while the unit is hot.
  • Also unplug the unit from the electrical outlet to avoid any electric shock during cleaning.
  • Carefully disconnect the dryer duct hose from the wall. You may need to use a screwdriver to loosen the clamp.
  • Using a vacuum cleaner, insert the hose attachment to the entrance of the dryer vent and vacuum out the duct. You’ll be surprised how much lint accumulates in the duct over time, especially lint that gets trapped in the grooves of the duct.
  • Another method to cleaning your dryer vent is by using a brush to loosen and free clumps of dust and lint.
  • While you’re cleaning, it’s a good idea to also inspect the vent located on the outside of your home. Look for debris or other items that may have clogged the opening.
  • Make sure after you are done cleaning that you thoroughly inspect the ducts to make sure there are no holes, punctures, or other damage that can become a hazard. If you see damage, contact a HVAC professional to install a new duct. [LINK to DUCT services]

Why is My Laundry Taking so Long to Dry?

We hear this question a lot. And if your dryer unit isn’t old or broken, lint could be the cause of longer drying cycle times. It’s a fact that over time, dryer lint and clogged ducts will diminish your dryer’s performance. You might notice that your clothes are hot to the touch or you may even smell something burning—that’s your dryer working overtime.

Do not ignore these signs as it could lead to a potential dryer fire. Keep up with normal lint cleaning maintenance to reduce the risk of a fire.

When in Doubt, Call a Professional

If you’ve done all of the above cleaning methods and you still notice drying inefficiencies, it may be time to call in a professional to inspect your dryer vent and ducts. In addition to regular dryer vent cleaning and upkeep, we recommended having a professional inspect and clean your ducts annually. One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning provides quality HVAC services to customers and we’re available any time of day or night. We’re there for you when you need us most.