Why You Shouldn’t Perform DIY HVAC Repairs


Perhaps you’re quite handy or you’re looking to save money so DIY (do it yourself) is a great way to make improvements on your home with pride.

While there are many things you can repair around your house on your own, in the case of your HVAC unit, you should not DIY.

Here’s why:

It Can Harm You

There are many potential health hazards when dealing with HVAC systems. There is a danger of high-voltage electric shock, exposure to toxic fumes, and contact with highly flammable fuels like gas and oil. Call in a professional to avoid serious injury.

It Could Affect Your Health and Comfort

Even if it seems like you’ve successfully made the HVAC repairs yourself, there could be underlying issues of which you’re not aware of. DIY HVAC repairs could cause incorrect system functions like issues with too much humidity, improper filtration, and it can even lead to carbon monoxide leaks.

It May Be Illegal

HVAC repairs and installation need to adhere to specific codes and standards. There are also laws regarding refrigerants that require certain certifications. There are a lot of factors to consider when installing and repairing HVAC systems and the work can be quite complicated. That’s why professional HVAC technicians require extensive training and licensing to ensure all work is done correctly and up to code.

It Could Cost You More

HVAC companies have the ability to purchase equipment and tools at discounted contractor prices whereas the general public would have to pay full price from the manufacturer. And that’s only if you can find somewhere that would let you purchase—most retailers would not allow that due to liability.

Also, if you botch the DIY HVAC repairs, you’ll need a licensed professional to fix anyway so the best thing to do is to have a pro take care of the job.

HVAC Repair in Miami

When it comes to your HVAC system, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t DIY. Instead, call in a reliable, dependable, and trustworthy HVAC company. One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to be a leading HVAC company that provides prompt, thorough, and professional repairs. Our highly skilled HVAC technicians are an only a phone call away—schedule service today!