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11 Questions to Ask for Your Air Conditioning Estimate

Installation and Estimates

For homeowners, utility bills are among the highest expenses you’ll pay aside from your mortage payment. So if you’re looking to replace an aging air conditioning system, or install new central air conditioning for the first time in your home, you want to make a sound decision.

You can request an estimate from your local HVAC professionals like One Hour Cooling of Miami. Choose a company that will evaluate your specific cooling needs and situation, keep you informed, and install your new system correctly.

Here are the questions to ask for your air conditioning estimate to make an informed decision.

  1. Are you bonded and insured, and will you provide an estimate in writing?

Installing a new air conditioning system is a significant decision. That’s why you need to know you can trust the professionals you’re using. Be sure you’re trusting qualified, licensed professionals. A trustworthy HVAC company will be able back up their claims with references, reviews, and a written estimate.

  1. Who will install the system?

Be sure you’re trusting the installation of this system to trained professionals. General contractors or handymen might lack proper qualifications or training, which could quickly lead to headaches.

  1. What size air conditioning system do I need?

Not all air conditioners are the same size! Your chosen HVAC company can perform a load calculation for your home to evaluate the size of system you need to efficiently and effectively cool your home. If you’re replacing an older system, you could be surprised to learn you need a different size system based on this effective calculation.

  1. What kind of warranty will the new system have?

Most new HVAC equipment comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. You should understand the terms of the warranty, including what is specifically covered and the duration of the warranty. In addition, you’ll want to know other terms, including how often you’ll need to have the new system professionally maintained to keep the warranty intact.

  1. What brand do you offer or recommend and is it energy efficient?

Get information on preferred brands, as well as the reputation offered brands have. An HVAC company should also be able to tell you their recommend brand and unit’s SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) rating. An energy-efficient unit might have a higher upfront cost, but will pay for itself over time with lower bills.

  1. Is my current ductwork usable?

If you’re replacing your system, get your ductwork inspected to ensure it’s in working order. If ductwork needs to be repaired, replaced, or installed (in the case of new central air installation), that cost should be included in your written estimate.

  1. Do I need any additional components, like a new thermostat or any other updated equipment?

With the installation of a new system, now is the time to consider if you need or want any other updated technology. For instance, thermostat technology has accelerated, so you may want to update your thermostat with the installation of a new air conditioner. In addition, you might now want to consider other additional air quality components.

  1. What is the total cost?

A new air conditioner will be a significant investment. You’ll want to know the total cost up front before any installation begins. Get a cost breakdown (including system, labor, and any extras), as well as an understanding of the cost to operate your new system once it’s up and running.

  1. Do you offer financing?

As mentioned, HVAC equipment is a significant investment. If you can’t pay for a new air conditioner up front, ask if the company offers financing options so you can manage this investment.

  1. How long will the installation take?

While most systems can be installed in just a day, there could be other mitigating factors (including weather or uncovering any issues) that could increase that time.

  1. How will you maintain my system?

Check now about any guarantees on work, as well as any available service plans. As mentioned above, a warranty most likely will necessitate annual professional maintenance. A company’s annual maintenance plan can keep your unit in shape and give you peace of mind far as as the warranty is concerned.

AC Installation and Estimates in Miami

IF you’re looking to install a new or updated air conditioning unit, call a trusthworthy professional. If your AC unit needs refrigerant, call in a licensed HVAC technician to get that cool AC feeling back. The professionals at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Miami can give you the information you need and can recommend the right unit to fit your needs and budget. Even better, we can provide efficient and effective AC installation and ongoing service. Contact the professional HVAC technicians at One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning of Miami to schedule your estimate today.