Is your home hotter or more humid than it should be? Does it seem your AC is running constantly, but your home is still stuffy? Do you know the signs that you need new ductwork?

South Florida homeowners rely on their air conditioning systems to keep their homes cool and dry year-round. But up to 30 percent of the air moving through your ductwork is lost due to leaks and poor connections. That’s an unacceptable percentage, considering the cost and impact of energy usage!

What Are the Signs?

If you notice any of the following in your home, it may be one of the signs that you need new ductwork:

1. Noisy operation

While no system is completely silent, you shouldn’t hear any banging, rattling, or thumping. This means there’s an issue with the duct support, which could result in vibration disconnecting the ducts.

You also shouldn’t hear loud “whooshing.” This sound means air is escaping through holes and cracks. This air ends up in the attic and crawlspace, instead of inside, cooling your home.

2. Uneven cooling

If some rooms are hot and others are cold, it may mean the ductwork has become disconnected or damaged between the rooms. Check for leaks in the system if you notice a significant difference.

3. Insufficient airflow

Your system takes in stale air through the floor-level inlet, cools it, and moves it forcefully out through the vents. You should be able to feel the cold air at the vents in your home. If you don’t feel air movement, check your ductwork for disconnections or leaks.

4. Dusty air

If it seems you’re waging a never-ending battle with dust, it may be coming from your ductwork. Your system should be a somewhat closed loop, with air filters that catch dirt before distributing the conditioned air. If this loop is broken, ducts can pick up dirt in attics and crawlspaces and send it into your home.

This excess dust damages your HVAC system and causes all sorts of respiratory problems, so it’s critical to check your ducts for damage if you’re finding dust on everything.

5. Sudden Jumps in Electric Bills

When a high percentage of conditioned air leaks from the ductwork before it can affect the temperature in your home, it’s going to increase the demand on your AC unit. It may seem the AC is running constantly just to keep up — that’s because it is.

Discounting seasonal changes, a sudden increase in your power bill may mean that your ducts are damaged and leaking cold or hot air.

Time to Call

Leaking and damaged ducts are bad for your wallet, bad for your family’s health, and not-so-great for the environment, either. Make an appointment today with the experts at One Hour Air in Miami. We can replace your ductwork quickly and efficiently, improving the air quality in your home, while helping you keep your electric bill and carbon footprint minimal.