For Miami residents, you need an HVAC system that isn’t just reliable, but also working efficiently. Prevent breakdowns and costly repairs of your air conditioner with our steps to optimize your home HVAC efficiency. You’ll enjoy more effective cooling and protect your unit too.

This is Part 2 our our two-part blog series- check out our Part 1 for our first set of tips!

How to Optimize HVAC Efficiency

You don’t want your AC unit struggling to keep the home cool. That’s where optimization comes in. The following steps will ensure you get the best efficiency of your system. Consider these HVAC efficiency tips to help you get the best performance out of your unit during the summer.

Make Sure the Condenser is Shaded

When the condenser is in the sun, it needs to work much harder to cool the air. Simply placing it in a shaded area can ensure it lasts longer and does a better job cooling. If no shade is available, consider building a shade or covering above it to help the process.

Fix any Issues

If you notice your HVAC unit making any unusual noises or failing to cool adequately, immediately have the unit serviced. Many times this can prevent costly repairs and replacement.

Before the seasons change, have the unit inspected by a licensed professional HVAC specialist who knows what to look for and how to do the necessary repairs. It helps if they specialize in servicing the brands you have in the home. Some signs to look for when checking the HVAC system include the following:

  • Loud, unusual noises
  • Odd smells
  • Not cooling
  • Frequent cycling
  • Ice

Call a trusted HVAC repair contractor right away to get the best results and reduce repair costs for the system.

Use Fans

One of the best ways to keep the home evenly cooled and help the HVAC unit do its job is to use fans during the summer. Using overhead fans and box fans can make a big difference in the comfort of the home.

They help circulate the cool air and lower the home's inside temperature, so the HVAC unit has extra support keeping the home cooled. This strategy is especially helpful for rooms exposed to direct sun during the day or with poor ventilation or HVAC vents.

When you shower or take a bath, make sure you turn on the ventilation fan to help keep the humidity and heat accumulation minimal.

Have the Unit Serviced Regularly

Not only is it wise to call an HVAC service professional for any potential problems, but you can also help extend the life of the unit and encourage efficient use by having it serviced each season.

Have a licensed HVAC tech come to inspect the unit and check each component. Sometimes they can detect problems you don't know about or catch them before they become an expensive emergency repair.

Optimize your HVAC System for Better Cooling

Being proactive and taking the right measure to ensure your HVAC unit is operating efficiently is simple. Keep drafts to a minimum and perform routine maintenance and preventive measures to ensure the unit works properly.

You'll also want to keep the thermostat set and refrain from changing the temperature frequently. Have a knowledgeable HVAC contractor service the unit regularly and at the first sign of issues.

Get Expert HVAC Information and Maintenance in Miami

At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, our Miami team offers the dedicated repairs and helpful maintenance tips you need. After you take steps to optimize your unit, our professionals can ensure your system is running effectively. Ask about signs of repair issues and maintenance tasks you can perform on your own. Request an appointment today to enjoy a fast and thorough maintenance inspection.