The big day has finally arrived - it’s time to move into your new house! With all the boxes to move, furniture to arrange, and family members to wrangle, ensuring the HVAC is in excellent condition should be one of your top priorities. To help you out, we’ve compiled a new-house HVAC checklist - four things you should do to make sure you stay cool in your new home.

1. Change or clean the air filter

Changing the air filter probably wasn’t high on the previous home owners’ to do list, so make sure it is the first thing on yours. Air filters gather dust, pollen, and other particles that make your HVAC work harder than it needs to. Not only does this mean the unit is less efficient, but it also means you risk the machine breaking down sooner than it would otherwise. Change or clean the air filter every couple of weeks, or more often if you live in a dusty area.

2. Make sure the vents are open

Many people believe that closing off the air vents in your HVAC makes it more efficient, but actually, it’s the opposite. Even with the vents closed, the rest of the parts in the unit (for example, the fans) still work as hard as before.When you close the vents, you increase the pressure inside the unit and that wears down the machine. Furthermore, it can create damage in the ductwork (which means air leaks will soon follow). It’s a simple task to see if the vents are open, so make sure you do that as soon as you move in.

3. Determine your optimum temperature, and set it early

The optimum temperature you had set in your old house may not be suitable for your new one. In your first few days, try to figure out how the airflow works in your new place, which rooms are naturally cooler, and what your family thinks needs to be the base temperature of your house. Adjusting the temperature up and down regularly places unnecessary strain on the system (and your wallet), so set this early to avoid surprise bills.

4. Check the ducts for leaks

The previous homeowner likely did not check for leaks before they left, so you need to do this when you move in. It is not the simplest of tasks, but a non-expert can do it, if you have the right tools and instructions. Basically, you’re going to be looking for air leaks, which you can feel with your hand or by using a smoke pen or incense, and then you’re going to be sealing up everything you can. Learn more about identifying air leaks on our blog.

Expert HVAC Service in Miami

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