HVAC Terms Every Homeowner Should Know

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You know that being a homeowners means knowing more about HVAC systems that you ever thought you would. You might hear terms like SEER, MERV, and AFUE get tossed around, but do you know what they mean?

We’ll define some top terms used in the HVAC industry and explain why they’re important to know. This HVAC glossary will be especially helpful to first-time home buyers.

Heat Pump

A heat pump is found in main homes and is part of your HVAC unit that heats or cools. It works by drawing heat from outside to warm the home or removes heat from inside to cool the home.


Minimum Efficiency Report Value is a standard rating method for air filters. Generally speaking, the higher the rating, the more efficient the filter is but a higher number isn’t always the best for every system. Talk to your HVAC expert to find the right MERV rating for your home.


SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and lets you know how energy efficient your air conditioning unit is. A good HVAC technician will carefully measure your home and recommend a SEER rating that is ideal for your cooling needs.


Ventilators work to remove stale and stagnant air from you home and brings in fresh, filtered air for you to breathe inside.

Energy Star

Energy Star is a program that was developed by the Environmental Protection Agency that provides information to consumers on energy efficiency of appliances and buildings. Energy Star helps help people learn more about reducing environmental strain while saving money on efficient products.


Similar to SEER, your Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency tells you your furnace’s efficiency. AFUE is a rating that can be found on boilers, furnaces, and hot water heaters. It’s a ratio that measures energy output and input. A higher number indicates a greater number of energy is transferred but is not always an indicator of the best efficiency.

Indoor Air Quality

It’s important to think about the indoor air quality of your home—it’s the air you breathe on a daily basis. Now that houses are built tighter, they also lock in pollutants that can affect indoor air quality. Consult with a professional to discuss ways to improve the air in your home.

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