While it can seem simple, learning how to choose an HVAC company is essential when you are responsible for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Usually, this means you are a homeowner, and that is a huge responsibility. Your choice of HVAC contractor has to keep your family safe and comfortable.

  1. Three Words: Check their Licensure

Each state licenses HVAC providers. Though they may not all have the exact same rules, this licensure means that your contractor has shown that they are trustworthy to work on systems that often include natural gas, propane, or other dangerous components. Many “contractors” you’ll find while searching are not actually licensed.

You should be able to see what your HVAC company is licensed to do on their website. However, keep in mind that most states have contractor license lookups, allowing you to check into any contractors you are considering and make sure that they are indeed up to date.

  1. Know your Needs, Shop Around, and Look for Deals

You may be able to find coupons or deals for services or equipment that you need online. Getting a free or low-cost in-home estimate from several contractors can help you sort out the best option for you. Remember, the lowest estimate isn’t always the right way to go.

Simply put, sometimes the lowest bidder cuts too many corners, possibly leaving you with some unhappy surprises.

  1. Google, Yelp, and Social Media

Using Google, Yelp, and social media may not be what you think of when you are considering a contractor, but it probably should be. Search the contractors you are considering, ask people on your Facebook or Twitter if they have any experience with them.

Be sure to ask for and check references, for the companies or contractors you are considering, as well. You can also check the BBB to see how well they settle customer complaints when they happen. Remember, mistakes and problems happen to everyone but how they are handled says a lot about the business.

  1. Have an In-Home Inspection

Your HVAC contractor needs to give you a bid, an estimate of how much the work you need will cost. In order to choose the best one, you should have more than one give you bids. These bids are only worth the paper they’re written on if they have done an in-home inspection and are sure that they understand your needs.

As we mentioned above, you can often find coupons or deals for this inspection which make it no cost to you.

  1. Ink, or No Deal

Unless you have that bid we mentioned above in writing, it’s time to say “no deal.” Though this is our fifth point, it’s fair to say that “get it in writing” is the most important thing on this list after making sure they are licensed to do the job. Once you have your formal bids in writing, then you can compare the services offered and prices.

Remember, the lowest bid is very rarely the best one to go with, unless they also offer superior service or warranty on their work. Choosing the right HVAC contractor, one that you can trust, starts with making sure they are licensed, and ends when you find the right company for your home and budget.