9 Energy Savings Tips for Central PA

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The Farmer's Almanac estimates that this PA winter will be downright frigid and that YOUR heating bills will spike! You have three choices: pay out the nose to stay toasty, freeze in your own home, or take charge and do something about it. Follow these energy-saving tips — to stay warmer and save all winter long!

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Read on for essential energy savings—follow some or all of these tips and save! These energy-saving tips can keep your energy bills down—without forcing you to give up the comfort and safety of a warm house.

Energy Savings Tips for Pennsylvania Homeowners

Caulking is one of our energy saving tips.

Tip #1: Caulk/Weather-Strip Your Window and Door Frames

The first of our energy-saving tips, this is all about keeping the heat in your house right where it is! Cracks around your windows and doors allow valuable heat to slip outside while letting cold air inside.

Both basic weather strips and caulk will do the job. Since you're all about savings, just use whatever you have on hand and skip that extra trip to the hardware store.

Tip #2: Unblock Vents or Radiators

On the other hand, tip #2 is all about making sure the hot air makes it to where it can do the most good.

If furniture sits in front of the source of your heat, HVAC vents or radiators, you're not enjoying 100% of the heat you're paying for. Instead, move your furniture to keep a clear path for your heating system.

Even moving the furniture a half a foot out can increase your home temperature by a few degrees. Feel free to rearrange however you like when winter is over.

Using plastic wrap on your windows is one of our energy saving tips.

Tip #3: Plastic Wrap Windows

Even though you sealed the cracks around the sides, the window itself leaks air. Leaving your blinds drawn does trap heat inside, but really, who wants to spend all winter in the dark?
If you've got a beautiful view, don't block it out. Tape ordinary plastic wrap over your windows to trap heat all winter long.

Plus, with the blinds open, you'll still be able to take advantage of the natural heat from the sun.

Tip #4: Block Door Drafts with Pool Noodles

Getting the hang of these energy-saving tips? In a nutshell, you keep the hot air in and the cold air out. That's the general strategy to keep comfortable while saving money.

Since your doors need to open, you can't caulk the bottom of your door frame. Too bad because the bottom of your door frame is one of the largest points of ingress for cold air. Just feel it with your hand if you don't believe us.

Silly yet effective: block the escape of your valuable hot air by laying a pool boodle along the base of the door.

Tip #5 Control Your Thermostat

We all know, or have known, some people who pretended like their thermostat doesn't exist to save money. That's one way to save — but that's no way to live.

Instead, use your thermostat wisely. Keep it turned up to comfortable levels when you're home during the day, but turn it down before you leave for work or go to sleep.

Estimates show that you'll save up to 3% on your energy bill for every degree you lower your thermostat.

However, on extremely cold nights, you'll want to leave your thermostat at warmer temperatures to prevent frozen water pipes.

Learn about frozen pipes from a top-of-the-line plumber.

Tip #6: Upgrade to a 21st Century Thermostat

Want to make controlling your thermostat even easier? Upgrade to the 21st-century thermostat!

WIFI Thermostats allows you to control your thermostat instantly from anywhere in the world. That means you'll never waste money heating an empty house.

Wi-fi thermostats give you total control.

Programmable thermostats allow you to pre-set set your temperature preferences into the thermostat, meaning you never forget to turn down your thermostat for some reliable savings.

Digital thermostats are alternative to WIFI thermostats.

Contact us to correctly install an energy-saving thermostat.

Tip #7: Use Your Area Rugs

This energy-saving tip keeps you warm and adds a touch of style to your decor—an added bonus. Wood or laminate flooring looks amazing but heat tends to leak through these materials. After all, that's one of the reasons for the popularity of residential carpeting.

One of our energy saving tips includes using area rugs.

Laying area rugs on wood or laminate can keep heat in your living spaces and make you feel more comfortable as well. If you don't already have an area rug, we're not saying you need to rush out and buy one. After all, this much style doesn't come cheap.

Tip #8 Use Your Ceiling Fan — in the Opposite Direction

Does this energy-saving tip sound counterintuitive? After all ceiling fans keep us cool, what's the big idea here?

Ceiling fans don't change the temperature—they only move air. Change the direction of your ceiling fan using the switch on the base.

Spinning clockwise will force warm air to ground level making you feel warmer. That means you spend less to actually be warmer.

Contact an expert electrician to install a ceiling fan.

Tip #9 Heating System Tune-Up

Your heating system works hard to keep you warm all winter long. Make sure it's running at its most efficient with a heating system tune-up.

Get a heating system tuneup is one of our energy saving tips.

In addition to preventing costly winter heating system breakdowns, a One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Southeast Pennsylvania heating system tune-up reduces your monthly energy bill—guaranteed.

Learn more about the danger of being stranded without heat.

Energy Saving Tips: Wrap-Up

This winter will be frigid. So you can either get ready for some indoor frostbite, get ready to take out a second mortgage to pay your heating bills, or you can get prepared and take charge with our energy-saving tips.

Even though the Farmer's Almanac and the federal government predicts Pennsylvanians' energy bills will spike this winter, it doesn't mean YOUR energy bills need to spike. You're armed with knowledge and know-how. Now get to work.

No matter which of these tips you follow, you'll experience some benefit. Combine them to take on your winter heating bills.

Contact us for a heating system tune-up, an energy-efficient thermostat, and for all of your HVAC needs.