3 Issues Caused by a Dirty Condenser Coil

Get more efficiency and longer life span of your air conditioner

You may be wondering just exactly what condenser coil is. A condenser coil is located outside your home within the condensing unit. Condenser coils are a vital part in the reliability and overall operation of your air conditioning unit. The condenser itself is responsible for converting gas into liquid. Your AC unit transfers a lot of air so it is important to make sure the condenser coil is always clean and free of debris.

A dirty condenser coil can cause many problems if neglected. Below you will find a list of the top three issues you may experience as a result of dirty condenser coils:

  1. When your condenser coil is dirty, the energy efficiency of your unit drops considerably which will result in a higher electric bill. Reduced efficiency means that your HVAC unit will use more energy to produce the proper amount of air to your home.
  2. The overall lifespan of your air conditioner unit is reduced. Regular maintenance of your HVAC unit is important to expand the life of your unit. A dirty condenser coil makes the unit to work much harder to cool your home. This leads to more wear on the system.
  3. The cooling efficiency is reduced by over 30%. If you notice that your air conditioning unit is not producing as much cold air as it once did, you may need to simply have the condenser coils cleaned. It doesn’t take much dirt to decrease the effectiveness of your HVAC unit.

Regular maintenance of your AC unit, including having your condenser coils cleaned is important. Some homeowners may be tempted to try and clean their condenser coils on their own, but the only way to make sure it is done correctly is to have them maintained by a professional HVAC technician. It is a good idea to have your entire air conditioning unit inspected and thoroughly cleaned at least once a year.