5 Signs You Need Air Handler Repair in Springfield

An air handler is the large metallic box that’s connected to your HVAC system and is usually located in your closet or attic. Its job is to blow conditioned air throughout your house, keeping you comfortable. However, like any other machine, it can get worn down. If something results in your air handler not working, you’ll need to repair it in order to stay comfortable during the warmer and cooler months in Springfield.

Here are five problems that indicate you’ll need an air handler repair in Springfield:

Fan unit problems

The blower/fan in your air handler helps blow the conditioned air through your home/building. If the fan doesn’t work, your system will have great trouble keeping your home comfortable. You can tell something is up if the fan is making strange noises or doesn’t blow at all.

Condensate pan leaks

A good sign something is wrong with your air handler is when the condensate pan is leaking. During the hot summers, hard-working AC units will create a lot of condensation that accumulates in the pan below the air handler. If algae or mold builds up in the lines, it can clog the drains. When this happens, the pan can overflow and cause water damage. It’s even possible for bugs and mice to get into the line from the outside of the house and clog it. If there’s moisture or water underneath your air handler, your condensate pan might be leaking.

Dirty AC blowers

Your home’s air handler has filters that protect its blower assembly from contaminants. It’s very important to check and change out the air filters every month when you’re using the HVAC. Doing this can greatly improve the airflow in your vents.

Contaminated blowers

When contaminants like mold get onto your blowers, it can ruin your home’s air quality. Generally, this is a sign that the air handler hasn’t received seasonal maintenance.

Blower motor failure

A common problem an air handler can face that requires a professional repair is when the blower motor isn’t working. Several things can cause this, like a bad relay, control board, run capacitor, the blower itself, or the blower wheel. You’ll have to call a professional to diagnose the cause and provide a replacement part.

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