5 Holiday Energy Tips to Save You Money

Just because you put a lot of energy into preparing for the holiday season doesn’t mean you have to use a lot of energy. During the holidays, almost everyone increases how much energy their home uses. Not only are there lights to set up, but you’ll also be working your oven as you cook for family and friends. However, we can provide some holiday energy tips to help you spend less and save more this holiday season.

Here are five tips to help you save energy this holiday season:

Plan how you cook

Often for holiday gatherings, there’s a main dish like a Thanksgiving turkey or a Christmas ham. However, other dishes will need cooking while the main one cooks. If you’re confident in your cooking skills, you can cook side dishes in the oven alongside the main one. When estimating cooking time, keep in mind the temperature differences between the main and side dishes. Alternatively, you can cook side dishes in the microwave to save time and energy.

Downsize the meal for smaller gatherings

If you aren’t expecting a big turnout for your holiday gatherings, don’t be afraid to cook a smaller turkey or ham. Smaller meals mean you won’t have to cook for as long, saving you energy. Also, you won’t have to worry about what to do with all of your leftovers.

Keep the oven door closed

Sometimes it can be tempting to open the oven door to peek at your dishes’ progress. However, even a quick peek can drop the temperature by 25 degrees, and the oven will have to work harder to get back to your preferred temperature. Similarly, keep the lid on your pots when you have food cooking. Keeping the lid on will help your food cook faster, using less energy.

Use the dishwasher, not the sink

Since it’s a big appliance, you might think using the dishwasher will use more energy than washing dishes in the sink. However, washing dishes requires hot water, and that hot water requires your water heater to spend energy. Not to mention that washing all those dishes by hand will use more hot water. Just scrape off the food into the trash and fill up the dishwasher with the dirty dishes. Do multiple cycles if you have to.

Lower the temperature when the company’s over

When you have a lot of people at your house, their body heat can make things warm. You can counteract this by turning down the thermostat before company comes over. Not only will this make things more comfortable, but you’ll also save about 3% off of your energy bill for each degree you lower the thermostat.

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