HVAC Savings Secrets

Lowered bills

You know for a stone-cold fact that you’re a sharp shopper. You work the sales; you rock out with coupons; you know how to find a bargain — especially for a big-ticket item.

So, what does savings have to do with heating and cooling?

Quite a lot, actually. We have two hidden ways to score big HVAC savings.

One on your monthly energy bills. The other, if your AC unit breaks down. You might not be able to figure this out on your own, but hey, that’s why we’re here.

Problem: AC Breakdown

If a penny saved is a penny earned, then an AC saved us about $5,000 earned.

Preventing an AC breakdown means serious HVAC savings.

And that $5,000 price tag only represents a mid-range unit. You can spend A LOT more on a high- efficiency AC.

If your newish AC unit breaks, you’re going to find yourself in a financial hole. What are you going to do?

The Secret: Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

If you’re a whip-smart consumer, you know the value of a warranty.

Almost any major AC manufacturer backs-up their system with a limited warranty. These warranties typically cover the cost of replacement parts or the entire system. Good news for you.

However, here’s the secret: in order to qualify for that stellar manufacturer’s warranty, for most systems, you need to have your AC periodically inspected by a licensed technician.

So you aren’t really covered unless a licensed HVAC tech inspects your system. And to answer your next question: no, your DIY friend, who read that internet article one time, doesn’t count. Schedule your annual AC inspection with us and keep your warranty working for you.

Problem: High Heating Bills

You don’t understand. You have an efficient HVAC system, but you’re still paying too much on your energy bills.

Even though the HVAC system itself might be designed to save you cash, the breakdown occurs out of sight— in the ductwork. Your system is running at peak efficiency, but your system is still losing air, meaning the unit itself has to use more electricity to achieve the desired result.

Damage to ducts often appears as holes, tears, twists, and partial disconnects. Every single duct injury, however big or small, is a place from which air can, and will, escape.

The Secret: Air Duct Repair

The EPA estimates that leaky air ducts reduce heating and cooling efficiency by 20%—starting to make sense? Fix your ducts, and you get to pocket that 20% every month. Additionally, the EPA estimates that repairs to a duct system pay for themselves in energy bill savings quickly.

The DIY option?

Unfortunately, as far as efficiency is concerned, no home remedy comes close to professional repair. Leaky ducts are just one job you can tackle on your own.

And no, contrary to its name, “duct tape” isn’t good at repairing those leaky ducts.

To restore duct efficiency, you need to bring in an HVAC professional. Professional repair is your only option other than a full replacement. As you’d expect, a new set of ducts can be expensive—we know you hate that.

When repairing your leaky ductwork, our experienced HVAC techs work piece by piece, sealing cracks and patching tears. You’ll see the savings on your very next energy bill.

You want to save money when it comes to your HVAC system— now you’ve found a partner in One Hour Air.

Not only do we give you the scoop on HVAC savings, but we always strive to give you the most service for your buck.

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