Solutions to Home Air Quality Problems

Woman sick at home

Need solutions to home air quality problems? You’re in right place.

The most common home air quality problems are:

  • Stale Air
  • Stinky Sock Odor
  • Excessive Dust
  • Rooms that Prove Hard to Heat or Cool

Sound like your house? Then its time to do something about it.

True, dusty, foul-smelling air doesn’t make you sick, unless you have a pre-existing condition, unlike VOCs and carbon dioxide. But home air quality problems makes you less comfortable in your own home—that matters too.

With inexpensive, convenient, and effective fixes available, why not get the most comfortable home air possible? In less time than it takes to watch “Saving Private Ryan,” and for less money than taking your kids to a Major League Baseball game, you can get the cleanest and most comfortable home air possible.

Now is the time for some air quality home improvement with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Toms River. Read on to learn about home air quality problems and the easy solutions to each issue.

Too Cold, Too Hot, Too Stuffy

Any of the above issues indicate of poor air circulation. Even if it sounds complicated, chances are, you’ll know poor ventilation when you feel it. When you walk into a room stuffy from poor ventilation, you can almost imagine that you entered an ancient tomb, undisturbed for thousands of years.

Simply put, air feels stale because it is stale. Going hand in hand with this, is the inability to regulate the temperature — also the result of poor circulation.

In the majority of cases, you can hold broken ductwork responsible for a room with poor ventilation. The holes and breaks in the duct allow much of the moving air to escape—prior to reaching its destination.

Fix your ducts and fix home air quality problems.

Since the cold or hot air leaks out before doing its job, changing the temperature is like watering the Sahara. You can tell the thermostat anything you want, but the ducts just aren’t listening to you.


A few industrial-size fans might do the trick…just kidding. If you want to fix a problem caused by circulation, you need to fix the ducts.

Although ducts can be out of sight, for our HVAC experts, they are never out of mind. Our HVAC techs will repair and replace the physical duct, inch by inch. This professional-exclusive technique is known as duct sealing.

Stinky Sock Odor

Silly name—but hey, it hits the nail on the head. In fact “Dirty Sock Syndrome” is actually commonly-recognized HVAC terminology. Proving two things:

This nuisance is treated frequently enough to warrant a name.
We have a good sense of humor.
Stink sock odor is a common air quality problem

You’ll detect this foul and funky odor anytime your vents are blowing — just by hanging out in their general vicinity.

Did you unscrew the grate and toss in a pair of moist gym socks into the vents?

That would be weird if you did.

If you didn’t do that weird, weird thing, you have one of two stinky culprits: mold or bacteria.

Both those organic substances can inhabit your HVAC system. Mold likes to grow in the condensing coils of your AC unit or in the ducts themselves.

Buildups of airborne bacteria are rare but create the same stinky sock smell as mold.

When the air is blowing, the bacteria and mold get blown along with it.


If the mold in the HVAC unit is your issue, we’ll find it and perform a full cleaning. Either in your AC Unit or the vents, we’ll find and eliminate it.

As a bonus, you can sign up for a regular AC cleaning & tune-up and make the cleaning an annual event.

However, sometimes the smell is caused by a heavy concentration of bacteria. If you want to eliminate that, you’ll need to get high-tech. Installing the OxyQuantum® UV light-powered germ destroyer is guaranteed to exterminate 99% of airborne bacteria.

If you go full out, your house will be healthier AND more comfortable.


You dust every week, yet you can’t keep your home clean. You dust so often, you feel like you have the skills to start a home cleaning business. In fact, you dust so often, you feel tempted to buy stock in the Swifter Company.

Excess dust is a common home air quality problem.


We feel very confident in giving you advice on your HVAC system—not the stock market. We don’t know if you should buy up shares of Swifter, but we do know if you have excess dust, we can help.

You can use your HVAC system to reduce dust in the air; dust that eventually settles everywhere else.

Using a high-efficiency particulate arresting (HEPA) filter does effectively pull dust out of the air. In order to do that, HEPA filters dramatically reduce airflow. The more you clean the air, the stuffier your house becomes — stuffier than if you need duct repair.

At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Toms River, we don’t advocate solving one problem with another one. Instead, we have an exclusive solution to remove 97% of dust and other particles from the air — without limiting airflow.

The One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Toms River MicroPower Guard® uses electromagnetic fields to polarize and trap dust on magnetic pads. This One Hour Air exclusive device safely filters the air without limiting airflow.

Dust, the smell of stinky socks, and bad circulation won’t hurt you, but that doesn’t mean they won’t annoy the heck out of you.

You can get your house 100% comfortable with air quality home improvement from One Hour Air.

  • Sealing leaking ducts will improve circulation
  • Cleaning or a UV Germ destroyer eliminates the persistent stinky sock odor
  • A MicroPower Guard® filters 97% of the dust out of your home.

Banish your home air quality problems once and for all. You’ll love having the most comfortable home air ever because our solutions are inexpensive, convenient, and effective.

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