Sneaky Energy Drains That are Driving Up Your Electric Bills

Electricity bill text

You open your electric bill and your mouth falls open. Where are these charges coming from? What’s causing such an increase in your electric energy use? Unfortunately, there are many ways that your household could be bumping up electricity consumption. Review the following buried energy drains and what you can do to limit these issues.

1. Standby Power

Today’s electrical products are draining energy more than ever. And the culprit is standby power. Unless they’re unplugged, many of your appliances are continuously using electricity. Top examples include TVs, DVR boxes, satellite TV boxes, computers, and video game consoles. But the full list is very long.

Solution: Use an energy-saving power strip for the appliances you use most often. Unplug the rest when not in use.

2. Poor Insulation and Air Leaks

Substandard insulation, drafty doors and windows, and other air leaks waste energy. They make your A/C work harder in the summer and your furnace run longer in the winter.

Solution: Repair seals and caulking around windows and doors. Upgrade your insulation, and follow other Energy Saver tips from the U.S. Department of Energy. Be sure to assess your ventilation needs for healthy indoor air quality (IAQ).

3. Old Appliance Use

Your home appliances use up to 20% of your home’s electricity. But older appliances often lack ENERGY STAR certification. So, you’re losing out on some cost-effective energy savings with outdated washers, dryers, furnaces, and air conditioners.

Solution: Upgrade to newer energy-efficient ENERGY STAR appliances. Just by installing new HVAC equipment, you can enjoy savings of more than $100 annually.

4. Inefficient A/C Use

Do you leave your windows open while running your A/C? What’s your thermostat usually set at? These are two areas where homeowners often make expensive energy use mistakes.

Solution: Always close your windows when using your A/C. Don’t set your thermostat too low during hot summer days. Instead, try other efficient ways to stay cool without running up your A/C bill.

5. Setting Your HVAC System Fan to ON

The ON setting keeps your HVAC system fan running continuously. This helps with cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. But it adds to your electric bill.

Solution: Use the AUTO setting instead. For more control and better heating and cooling efficiency from your HVAC system, install a programmable thermostat.

Follow these helpful tips to eliminate some of your hidden energy drains. And let One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Toms River help you bring your electric bills down even more with energy-efficient appliance installation.

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