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Florida has some hot and humid months, which makes people want to stay indoors and be comfortable in an air-conditioned space. Staying indoors for extended periods may also lower your indoor air quality! The reason you see air quality decrease is that people create a lot of dust and spread germs and viruses. All of these things can circulate throughout the air system in your home numerous times before they are eradicated. If your system isn’t equipped to take care of bacteria or germs properly, they can multiply very quickly and cause health problems.

What Makes Your Air Quality Unhealthy?

  • Your home smells of mold or mildew. These smells are a good indication that you have a mold issue. Mold can cause people to have major health concerns, so you should have your HVAC system serviced by a professional at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating® of West Palm Beach right away.
  • Smoking indoors creates bad air quality for everyone. Even if someone is only smoking in one room, the smoke can be pulled into the other rooms in your home through the air ducts.
  • High levels of humidity can make it hard to function. It can feel like the air is too thick to breathe.
  • Poor ventilation for fireplaces or fuel-burning appliances can cause bad air quality in your home.
  • Using pesticides near your home can cause bad air quality indoors.
  • You own pets.
  • Your children may regularly bring home illnesses from school. Airborne illnesses can keep recirculating throughout your home, and they can get everyone sick.
  • Outdoor toxins from vehicles, lawn mowers, or pollution. While we can’t avoid all of these toxins, they shouldn’t be entering our home. If your HVAC system is healthy, you should barely notice the smell of toxins that are typically outdoors in your home.
  • Dirty ductwork in your home.

Maintaining Your Ductwork for Good Health

You should schedule regular maintenance for your air ducts to maintain a healthy home environment. Our professionals at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating® of West Palm Beach can inspect and clean your air ducts to make sure that you aren’t breathing in an excessive amount of dust and other particles. Dirt, grime, and debris in your air ducts can drastically lower your indoor air quality. You could have damage that is bringing in more particles and toxins from outside.

If you have damaged air ducts or numerous cracks, one of our HVAC professionals may suggest sealing them after they’ve been repaired. Sealing your air ducts can give your family health benefits because outside toxins are no longer getting in through damaged air ducts. It will also be harder for things to get into your air ducts that aren’t supposed to be there.

Electronic Air Filters in Jupiter, FL

An electronic air filter may be the right thing to keep your air cleaner at your home in Jupiter, Florida. These filters eliminate many more particles than a standard filter. Smaller particles are trapped that would typically get through a standard filter and go back into your home. Trapping more particles means that your air is cleaner and more comfortable to breathe. Many people find that using electronic air filters is an excellent way to ensure that more dust is trapped and not reentering rooms. Dust can cause allergies and breathing problems that are hard to handle.

UV Light Air Cleaners

UV lights can help get right of the microorganisms, bacteria, and germs that we can’t see. The UV lights kill or affect the DNA in these pests so they can’t reproduce. If there is a problem with viruses, bacteria, mold, or germs in your home, a UV light air cleaner can help eradicate the problem.

If you have problems keeping your air clean, or the humidity in your home makes it hard to breathe, we can send someone to your home in Jupiter to do an assessment and help you breathe easier. Call us right now to schedule an appointment at (561) 903-2455.

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