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The harsh summer months in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, may give you a hard time breathing. If your indoor air quality is humid and worse than the outdoors, you may need to get your HVAC system services by one of our professionals at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating right away!

Reasons to Get Your Indoor Air Quality Checked

  • Your air ducts look dirty an smell bad. If you can’t get rid of strong odors, or the strong odor is inside your air ducts, have them inspected.
  • There are strong odors in your home that won’t dissipate. If the same odor lingers and moves from room to room, you may have a problem with a filter, or you could have a bacteria problem.
  • Someone in your home has a respiratory illness. Check your air quality and service your air ducts regularly if someone in your home has asthma or another respiratory illness.
  • Allergies are worsened when your air conditioner or heat pump is running.
  • You see holes in your ductwork. Damaged ductwork can mean that outside toxins are getting into your home. You could also have pests or rodents in your ductwork.
  • You are not breathing well at night. Sometimes we don’t notice air quality issues until we are trying to sleep.
  • You get dizzy in your home. If you have dizzy spells and they only happen inside your home, this could be an emergency. Call one of our professionals to come to inspect your air quality right away.
  • When the air conditioner or heater comes, you get sick. If you get nauseous when your air conditioner or heater comes on, you should have your system checked.
  • You clean regularly, but there is an excessive amount of dust around your home. This may be a sign of damage to your ductwork or dirty air ducts. You may need them cleaned or repaired.

Air Duct Cleaning in Royal Palm Beach, FL

When a professional works on your air ducts, they make sure that they are clean and don’t have holes and cracks that let in outside toxins. Maintaining your air ducts regularly will decrease the number of particles and dust that you see in your home. You will also have fewer particles that you breathe in from the air. If you have a damaged air duct, a service professional will need to repair it, so your HVAC system works properly. You may want to have your air ducts sealed if you have many small cracks or holes.

Sealing Your Air Ducts in Royal Palm Beach

Sealing your air ducts can help you save money and improve your air quality. You can save money on your monthly bills because your HVAC system works more efficiently when your air ducts are sealed. You are also helping the environment by sealing your air ducts. Your sealed air ducts allow your whole HVAC system to use less power because air isn’t escaping from your ductwork.

Electronic Air Filters

Electronic air filters are filters that trap smaller particles than a standard filter can catch. They trap up to 97% of the particles in your air, so they don’t keep recirculating. An electronic air filter can make your air feel cleaner and help you breathe much more comfortable. You will see a decrease in allergens, pollen, dust, dander, and other small particles in your home.

UV Lights

UV lights help get rid of bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, and other microscopic pests that can make you and your family sick. UV lights make sure these tiny things can’t multiply and get back into the air. Once you have a UV light cleaning system installed, you should notice a difference in how clean the air feels, and you may get sick fewer times a year. You may also recognize that your home smells fresher and odors dissipate faster.

Breathe easier with the help of One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating® of West Palm Beach. Our team has a variety of products and solutions for your indoor air quality needs. Call us right now at (561) 903-2455 to schedule an appointment.

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