How Dry Air is Damaging Your Belongings

Most of us in Aberdeen feel the effects of dry air in winter. It causes scaly skin, chapped lips, and even scratchy throats. But what many homeowners don’t know is how much damage dry air can do to valuable belongings.

Because humidity levels drop to as low as 10% during winter months, the air in our homes is not much different than that in the desert. When moisture is drawn away from porous surfaces like wood and paper, serious damage can occur.

Here are just a few kinds of household items effected by low humidity:

Wood Furniture and Floors

As humidity rises and falls, wood swells and shrinks. Furniture joints can pull apart and hardwood flooring planks can separate and bow. Cabinet doors may not even close completely.

Musical Instruments

If your violin player sounds a little off, it’s probably because wooden instruments can fall out of tune in low humidity levels. Guitars, violins and pianos can even crack due to lack of moisture.


If pages are brittle and wrinkled, it’s because they are dried out. Some books covers can warp because of dry air as well.


When new photos start to curl up, it’s probably due to low humidity. Photos can also start to flake when they’re dry.


Paint can become brittle and crack when it becomes too dry, so if your artwork around the house is starting to look old and worn, you’ll want to check into increasing moisture levels before too much damage is done.


If your wine tastes weird, it could be because the lack of moisture in your home has caused your corks to dry out and shrink, allowing air into the bottle. This can definitely affect the flavor of your wine.

A Whole House Humidifier Can Help

The optimal humidity level to have in your home is 40 to 60 percent, and running a whole house humidifier in winter months can make this possible. Our experts at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Aberdeen would be happy to explain how a humidifier can not only help your family breathe easier this winter, but also prevent some of your household items from further damage. Call us for pricing and installation options today!