Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Noises?

Graphic with the word POP

We appreciate several “sounds of summer” here in Harford County, like crickets chirping, cicadas buzzing and frogs croaking.  But if your air conditioning is making noises so loud you can’t hear those lovely sounds or even your TV, there’s probably something wrong.

All AC units make some noise, but you should be able to decipher whether it’s normal or if you should call an HVAC professional.

Noises that Might Signal an AC Problem

ROAR!– Sometimes when a unit gets old, it just gets loud. You may not have to replace it, but it’s worth looking into to make sure it’s not on its last leg.

Clang, clang, rattle, rattle ‑ Maybe something fell into your unit outside, or maybe there’s a loose screw or bolt somewhere. Those are fairly easy fixes, but it could also be your compressor which is a bigger issue. An HVAC tech might be able to diagnose a problem before you’re left with a hot house.

Hissssss‑ You could have a problem with ductwork if you hear a whistle or a hiss. But if you can tell the noise is coming from the AC unit, there might be a refrigerant leak.

Pop-pop-pop! – The popping can happen when your air turns off and on, and it’s usually an issue with the age of your ductwork. Upon inspection, an expert might discover that sealing or replacing some of your ductwork can fix the problem.

Grinding ‑ This is never a good sound, as it means something is probably wrong with a fan motor.

How to Handle the Noise

Your best strategy when you hear a loud sound coming from the air conditioner is to call an HVAC expert. Chances are it won’t stop on its own, so it’s best to have your unit inspected as soon as possible.

Don’t make your family miss all the great sounds of summer — or their favorite episodes on TV. Call us at One Hour Air in Aberdeen and you’ll all be enjoying quieter nights before you know it.