Consider Duct-Free Technology For Your New Home

New Home in Construction

If you’re thinking about building a home, there are a lot more decisions to make other than how you want your house to look. You’ll also need to know what kind of plumbing and HVAC systems to have installed, and since you’re starting from scratch, you may as well consider the most cost-effective options.

The Trouble With Ducts

In a traditional, forced air system like most of us are used to, the ducts deliver conditioned air through the home, and return it back to the system for conditioning again. But typical duct systems lose 25-40 percent of the heating or cooling energy put out by the air conditioner, central furnace or heat pump because air can leak through small cracks or seams. A good HVAC company can make sure these ducts are sealed tightly, but if you start with a ductless system, you won’t have to worry about it.

How Ductless Systems Save Energy

A duct-free system consists of an outdoor heat pump unit connected to a small bundle of cables. These cables include refrigerant lines that connect to an indoor air handler unit. Instead of moving air like a forced air system does, the duct-free system moves the refrigerant through insulated pipes from the outside unit to the inside unit. The air is conditioned in the room, but not blown through ducts.

And instead of having one thermostat that controls the temperature of your entire home, ductless systems allow you to control the temperature of each room.

Duct-free systems are also easier and often cheaper to install since they only have three parts: an outdoor condensing unit, an indoor unit, and the cables that connect the two. Not having to install ductwork saves money on labor and parts.

Not Just for New Construction

Even if you’re considering adding a new room to your home, updating baseboard heating or getting rid of window air units, a duct-free system is a cost-effective solution for heating and cooling.

Let us know how we can help in your new construction or renovation. We at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Aberdeen would love to help.