Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Your Home

grille with vegetablesThis Memorial Day weekend, we salute our fallen soldiers who are responsible for our freedom. Because of them, we are able to celebrate with friends and family while enjoying great food and fun.

If you’re hosting guests in your home this weekend, it’s especially important that everyone stays safe while having a good time. This past week in Havre de Grace, four people were exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide while working in a basement. Luckily all were able to be treated, but it brings up an important lesson that we’d like to share with our customers.

Carbon monoxide poisoning does not only happen during winter months. We often keep our carbon monoxide monitors full of fresh batteries while running our furnaces, but when the temperatures rise, we forget to replace them.

Other Causes for Poisoning

Home heating systems represent only 5% of potential carbon monoxide sources. Water heaters, gas dryers, stoves, and charcoal grills can also emit the colorless, odorless gas if they are in poor condition or have been installed incorrectly.

No matter how hard it’s raining, don’t fire up the grill in your closed garage. Running a vehicle or even a lawn mower in a closed garage can also cause lethal problems.

How to Prevent CO Poisoning

You should have a carbon monoxide detector near every living area in your home, and have a skilled technician come annually to check that your appliances are hooked up properly and that all chimneys and vents are free from obstruction.

Symptoms of CO Poisoning

Symptoms are often overlooked because they resemble the flu. People who are mildly exposed experience headaches, nausea and fatigue, while medium exposure can cause drowsiness, confusion, a fast heart rate and a severe headache. Once exposed for long periods of time, victims can fall unconscious, convulse, and even die.

We want you, your family, and guests to be safe this holiday weekend and the rest of the year. Give us a call if you’d like for one of our technicians to inspect your home.