Are some rooms always hot? You may have leaky ducts.

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Do you have certain rooms that are always hot in summer? We can pretty much guarantee they’re also cold in winter. It could be because the air your AC or furnace blows out may never be reaching those rooms due to gaps or cracks in the ductwork. Whether the flaws in your ductwork are due to improper installation or simply age, they can make your home uncomfortable and also increase your energy bills up to 30%.

How Aeroseal Improves Comfort and Lowers Energy Bills

We use a product called Aeroseal to blow sealant into your ducts which seals the cracks and gaps. This allows the cool or warm air to flow evenly to each room and decreases the need for your furnace or air condition to keep running in order to reach the number on the thermostat.  Many people keep lowering the thermostat when a room isn’t getting cool enough, but that’s really just a waste of money and energy if you have leaky ductwork.

We also use Aeroseal in the open areas between the living space and the outside (such as the attic). Your home may have unsealed wall chases and ductwork between these areas where air leaks out.  Aeroseal closes these gaps so you’re only paying for conditioned air to cool your home rather than for extra air that’s leaking outside.

One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning is a Duct Sealing Expert

If your room temperatures are uneven and you can’t understand why your energy bills are so high, call One Hour in Aberdeen to have us inspect your ductwork and wall chases. We may determine that you can benefit from Aeroseal, and your bills may end up much lower and you may finally enjoy a comfortable home in summer and winter. We care about the comfort of Harford County residents, so call us today!