What is Two-Stage Heating?

Branch with frost

We’re approaching that time of year in Harford County when some days feel warm enough to plant flowers, but it’s still too early since they’ll die at night when the temp falls below freezing. It doesn’t really work to turn your furnace all the way off during those days either since it will get chilly quickly, but sometimes it gets too hot in the house if your furnace is still blasting at full speed.

If you’re shopping for a new furnace, one option to consider that’s good for mild spring months is a two-stage heating system.

How does a conventional furnace work?

You’re probably familiar with a single-stage furnace which has a blower motor that runs at only one speed. That’s fine for cold days, but when the weather is mildly chilly, this type of furnace cycles on and off frequently to maintain a low heat output, which causes extra wear and tear on its components.

How does a two-stage furnace work?

The advantage of a two-stage furnace is that it has two settings: low, which runs at about 50% to 75% of the furnace’s capacity during mild weather, and high, which runs at 100% during the coldest days of winter.  A furnace with two-stage heating has a low-fire and a high-fire setting, as well as a multi-speed blower motor. The furnace will kick on at the low setting, and if the thermostat temperature isn’t reached within a few minutes, it will kick into high.

What are the benefits of two-stage heating?

  • Quieter operation since the motor runs at a lower speed
  • More consistent and even heating throughout your home
  • Better indoor air quality since indoor air passes through the filter more often
  • Reduced fuel usage often resulting in lower gas bills

How do I choose a two-stage furnace?

Our HVAC technicians at One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning in Aberdeen are experts in the furnace industry and can help you choose a brand and model that we trust. Don’t put off buying a new furnace just because winter is almost over. Instead, think about how happy you’ll be to have it when cooler weather returns in the fall. Give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.