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Gold Medal

Aeroseal is the duct sealing technology we use to reduce dust and humidity in your home and to prevent heat and cool air from leaking out of your ducts. We’ve always known how well Aeroseal works, but now it’s been confirmed by top experts in the industry.

On January 26, Aeroseal will be presented with a gold medal award (first place) in the ventilation category at the 2016 AHR Expo Innovation Awards ceremony in Orlando. A panel of industry experts evaluated dozens of entries based upon their application, innovation, value and market impact, and they chose Aeroseal as the top in its class.

How Does Aeroseal Work?

Aeroseal’s unique approach to duct sealing makes it possible to find leaks throughout the entire ventilation system of a building, and to seal them without having to open up the existing structures. It’s blown into the shaft as an aerosol mist and accumulates in and around holes and gaps, bonding to other sealant particles until the leaks are sealed. While other duct sealing methods require technicians to rip open walls in order to seal leaks, Aeroseal works from inside the ducts.

More About Aeroseal

Aeroseal technology has been used not only in houses around Harford County, but it’s used around the world in office buildings and even in medical facilities. It’s keeping families more comfortable in their homes and saving residents and businesses thousands of dollars in energy costs.

The technology was invented by Mark Modera, a professor at the University of California. Modera estimates that ventilation systems in 80% of U.S. buildings have leaks. Aeroseal is now the only solution to sealing shafts from the inside.

Technicians at One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning in Aberdeen are trained in using Aeroseal duct sealing technology. If you’ve noticed chilly rooms despite turning the heat up, give us a call. We’ll discuss why Aeroseal might work in your home.