Our Favorite April Fool's Pranks

Have you thought about which April Fool’s tricks you’ll play on your co-workers and family this Friday? We’re still laughing about the video that Virgin Airlines and Nest teamed up to make a couple years ago, in which they boasted about the “Total Temperature Control System,” an amazing new experience on Virgin flights. Each individual seat, they said, had a Nest smart thermostat that would allow passengers to enjoy the ideal temperature for them during their trip.

If you need some clever ideas, here are a few that we think are hilarious.

Office Pranks

Hidden Cell Phone: When he’s out of his office, stick your co-workers cell phone up into a ceiling tile. After you walk away and see him sit back down at his desk, call his phone and watch as he looks everywhere for it.

Switch Monitors: If two people in your office sit close together, switch their monitors and watch as they get completely confused.

Frozen Screen: Take a screen shot of your co-worker’s screen and set is as his background image. Remove all of his actual icons and watch as he tries unsuccessfully to get into his programs.

Fooling the Kids

Sleeping Switcharoo: While your kids are sleeping, pick them up and put them in each other’s beds.

Fresh-Breath Oreos: Replace the cream in Oreo cookies with toothpaste. Save some regular Oreos to avoid major disappointment!

Frozen Cereal: The night before, pour a bowl of your kid’s favorite cereal and add the milk. Stick it in the freezer overnight, and when you serve breakfast in the morning watch them try to take a bite.

Frustrating Your Husband

Broken Remote: Remove the batteries from the remote or place a piece of tape over the remote sensor. This one’s cruel, so don’t let him sit in agony for too long.

Quality Heating and Air Conditioning Service is No Joke

We love to make people laugh, but all of us at One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning in Churchville take our jobs very seriously. If we can help you with your air conditioning or indoor air quality, give us a call.