Consider a Mini-Split For Your Harford County New Addition


Are you thinking about enclosing your sun porch, or adding a family room or extra bedroom to your home? There are a lot of decisions to be made when it comes to budget and location, but one thing you should definitely consider is having a ductless system installed. There are several advantages to choosing a mini-split heat pump for your new room, so make sure to discuss it with an HVAC professional at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Aberdeen.

It eliminates the need for large holes in the wall.

When building a new addition, homeowners often choose to extend existing ductwork into their new room, which requires large holes to be cut into existing walls. With a ductless system, our HVAC technicians connect outdoor and indoor components through a small hole, about three inches in diameter.

You can choose a location for the air handler.

With a ductless system, it’s convenient to be able to choose where you want the air handler to be. The air-handling components of a mini-split heat pump can be affixed to a wall, placed on the floor, suspended from the ceiling, or mounted into drop ceilings.

Ductless works well for individual rooms.

Conventional heating methods require that if you want one room in your house to be warmer, you have to heat the whole house. You may not always use your sun room or guest bedroom, so it’s convenient that a mini-split heat pump only needs to be turned on when someone is in the room.

Mini-split is a more energy-efficient heating method.

As we said before, heating the whole house stay warm in one room drives up your energy bill.  In addition, up to 30% of the heat going out to your whole home can leak out of cracks or gaps in the ductwork. By going ductless, you’ll eliminate the chances of heat leaking out, and you’ll see lower energy bills.

Let One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Aberdeen Help With the New Addition in Your Harford County Home

Before making final decision for your new room, give us a call. We can recommend the best mini-split brands as well as other alternative methods of heating and cooling. We are licensed, insured and professional, and we’ve helped hundreds of Baltimore area homeowners with new construction. We hope to hear from you soon!