Achoo! Tips to Prevent Spring Sniffles and Sneezes

Woman blowing her nose
As trees and flowers begin to bloom around Harford County, pollen is beginning to blow around in the air. If you suffer from spring allergies, you’re likely to avoid going outdoors this time of year, no matter how tired you are of sitting inside. Unfortunately, pollen can make its way into your home and make you miserable if you don’t follow the right precautions.

To keep yourself comfortable this time of year, here are some Do’s and Don’ts to improve your indoor air quality so you can breathe better in your home.

Do’s for Clean Air in Your Home

Keep windows closed at night and during peak pollen times during the day. Pollen or mold can drift in and make you miserable, so if you need to get some air circulated on warm days, use air conditioning instead.

Stay indoors when the pollen count or humidity is high, as well as on windy days. The best time to go out is usually after 10 a.m.

Change your air filter. A fresh new filter will be able to trap pollen, dust and mold that can cause allergy symptoms. Look for a pleated air filter with a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating of 13 or higher, which will help capture the tiniest particles. Changing your air filter regularly can also extend the life of your air conditioner.

Consider a whole house air purification system. This connects to your heating and cooling system to remove airborne particles, germs and bacteria, and chemical odors and vapors that can make breathing more difficult.

Vacuum and dust often. Look for a vacuum HEPA filter that can trap tinier particles. Carpet harbors more allergens no matter how much you vacuum, so if you have the budget, switch to hardwood or tile.

What NOT to Do for Better Indoor Air Quality

Don’t hang sheets or clothing out to dry. Even if you like the natural scent of spring air, it’s not worth it since you’ll be hauling all those allergens back inside.

Don’t wear shoes around the house. Shoes that have been outside can carry mold and pollen into the house that will settle into your carpet. You’re much better off kicking shoes off as soon as you enter the house.

Don’t allow your pets on your bed or furniture. They can carry pollen in their fur, and you’ll be breathing it in any time you sleep or lounge.

One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning in Aberdeen Can Help You Breathe Easier This Spring

After the snow we had this winter, hopefully you can enjoy the outdoors a little this spring. But if you need to seek refuge inside your home in order to breathe better, please call us to see how we can help. One Hour Indoor Air Quality experts can create a whole house Air Treatment Center in your home by installing advanced air cleaning systems like MicroPower Guard®,  designed to remove the smallest particles from the air. Let us help you breathe better. Give us a call!