After Flood Cleanup for Your Harford County Home

If your Harford County home was affected by Hurricane Florence, you may have standing water or residue from flood water that could be posing danger to your family’s health. Some hidden health dangers of flooding include:

  • Biological matter, mildew and fungi from excessive indoor moisture and humidity
  • Viruses, germs and bacteria caused by standing water and wet materials
  • Toxic chemicals and pollutants from contaminated floodwater

One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning offers the following services to help with after-flood cleanup.

Air Scrubbing Products

To eliminate odors, airborne toxic chemicals and pollution from floodwater, ask about our OxyQuantum LED UV Germicidal Air Purifier. It disinfects the air and all surfaces in your home, reducing the risk of serious illnesses.

Air Cleaning and Filtration

To eliminate tiny harmful particles including mildew and fungi left after a flood, we offer MicroPower Guard. It reduces biological growth on HVAC systems from storm water and prevents allergy, asthma & respiratory flare-ups.

UV Sterilization Systems

To capture and kill germs, biological growth and viruses from flood water and wet materials inside your home, we offer Quantum PCO ® Pro Plus+. It uses scrubbing technology to disinfect air and household surfaces and reduces colds, flus and serious illnesses.

Resources for Help on Cleanup After Floods

You can find more advice on flood cleanup from the following sources:

EPA: Flood Cleanup to Protect Indoor Air Quality

CDC: After the Storm

CDC: Cleanup and Remediation of Mold

OSHA: Fact Sheet on Flood Cleanup

Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute: Flood Damage Cleaning Fact Sheet

One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning Cares About Your Health and Safety

If you have questions about the dangers of flood waters in your Harford County home, call us any time to discuss how we can help. Breathing in mold and other contaminants poses serious risks, and we’re happy to tell you how to reduce those risks so your family stays healthy.