3 Reasons to Invest Your Tax Refund In a New HVAC System

rolled up dollar bills of differentt denominations Just like many Harford County residents, you may be eagerly awaiting your tax refund. Planning a vacation is a FUN way to use the money, but we have an idea for a SMART way to use the money. Invest in your HVAC system and you’ll be saving money and enjoying a comfortable home for years to come.

Here are some reasons to invest your tax refund in your HVAC system.

A New High Efficiency System Will Save On Energy Bills

Since heating and cooling account for almost half of your energy bill throughout the year, you really can’t go wrong by making upgrades to your HVAC system especially if your current furnace or air conditioning is close to 15 years old. Many new models can save 20-30% on energy bills. Just think — you can apply the savings that add up on your energy bills to your next vacation!

Not ready to invest in a whole system? Consider buying a smart thermostat which can lower your monthly bills!

Maintenance on an Older Air Conditioning System or Furnace Can Add Up to a Lot More Than a Tax Refund

Once your system reaches that 12-15 year mark, things are going to start breaking. Some components of your furnace or AC can be cheap, but some are going to get expensive. And one drastic trend in the HVAC industry is the rising price of r22 freon.  Government regulation is phasing r22 freon out of the market, so freon prices are starting to rise. If you end up needing r22 freon added to your air conditioning unit, it will cost up to five times more than it did five years ago.  Investing in a newer model will save you money by avoiding repair costs and lowering energy bills.

Bundling Heating and Cooling Installation Will Give You a Better Deal

Chances are your furnace and AC are about the same age. Why pay one installation cost now and another installation charge 6 months down the road (when your tax return is gone)? Talk to One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning about incentives to save on full system installations.

Call One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning to Discuss Upgrading Your HVAC System!

We encourage you to do something fun with your tax refund. Take the family to dinner, go see a movie, or buy your son the new baseball glove he’s been eyeing up. But when it comes time to invest the majority of your tax return, consider calling us. Investing in your HVAC system is something you won’t regret!