Allergic to Pets? These Tips May Help

Cute puppy

If you’re allergic to animals, the thought of getting a furry friend for your kids is probably not a happy one. Dealing with itchy, watery eyes and sneezing all day probably just doesn’t seem worth the smiles a pet could bring into your home.

But if your allergies are mild, there are things you can do to make living with a pet bearable. First, consider a pet that doesn’t shed (check out this list of the 10 most popular hypoallergenic dog breeds). Second, follow these tips to keep irritants that come from animals at a minimum in your home.

Upgrade Your Filter

Pet dander is so small that we sometimes can’t even see it floating through the air — but if you’re allergic, you’ll know it’s there. Look into buying a HEPA air filter which can trap hair and other small particles, and change it every month especially during summer and winter when your AC and furnace run frequently.

Purchase an Electronic Air Cleaner

You can find a good filter, but it may not trap the tiniest irritating particles that come from pets. An electronic air cleaner uses a low-voltage charge to attract microscopic particles and make them stick to the filter media.

Keep Your Ducts Clean

After a dog or cat lives in your home for a while, it’s a good idea to have your ducts inspected. Especially if your animal sheds, you’ll want to be sure that your ductwork isn’t harboring a bunch of hair.

Other Tips to Make Living with Pets More Comfortable

Clean your house. If anyone in your home is allergic to pets, daily vacuuming, dusting and mopping can make a big difference in how well they can breathe.

Brush your pet outside every day. Eliminating as much hair and dander from your pet makes for less annoying particles flying through the air to breathe in.

Don’t let pets on furniture. The closer they are to where you frequently sit, the more you’ll find yourself itching and sneezing.

On nice days, open windows to let fresh air in.

Contact One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning in Harford County if you have any questions about how to improve your indoor air quality. We love our animals, and we’d love to make living with them comfortably a possibility for you.